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You might have heard that Tim Russert died today. A sad day for journalism. I tried to post a video from but it just didn’t work. So I searched for other videos of Russert online and found this gem. Here, he’s interviewing the Good Doctor, Hunter S. Thompson, about Iraq in 2003.

Two guys with completely different backgrounds and lifestyles (unless Russert enjoyed ether in privacy) but two guys who shared a passion for journalism and the truth, even though their approach and methods couldn’t have been more heterogeneous.

I seldom, if ever, watched “Meet the Press.” But whenever I caught Russert during election coverage, especially on primary and election nights, you could see that twinkle in his eye. It was authentic. He loved his work, and his passion was palpable through the screen. More so than his keen intellect and considerable skills as a journalist, I think viewers connected with that exuberance. 

Life is cruel some times. It’s a shame Russert couldn’t cover this historic presidential election to the finish.