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Was walking Sadie this morning. Saw four girls light up. One was wearing a LIVESTRONG bracelet. Was that a picture of irony? A paradox? Maybe Alanis Morissette can tell us.

Sorry for getting that lousy song stuck in your head. “It’s like RAAAAAAIIIIN ….”


Just doing my part to stimulate the economy.

Treating the P4s to a powder day at Brighton, Utah.

Utah is finally ridding itself of one of its many arcane bar laws: private memberships.

Gov. Jon Huntsman and state House and Senate leaders agreed Monday to eliminate the state’s much-criticized private club system, which requires someone to fill out an application and pay a fee for the right to enter a bar unless he or she is the guest of a member.


I had to buy a membership — $12 for a year — just last week to watch my Huskies play Arizona State.

Hopefully the newly-enlightened legislature will work on the cap on draft beer — 3.2% — and the one-shot per drink limit. (It’s useless to order anything on the rocks).

At least now, there’s one less reason for a bartender or server to sarcastically say to an incredulous tourist, “Welcome to Utah!”

Progress, people, progress.