There will be no anonymity on this blog (unlike my old one). I’m Sunny Wu, a recent vagabond, an erstwhile editor and a freelance journalist still trying to figure out how to be a better journalist. I’ve had internships at the Modesto Bee, Sports Illustrated and — some journalists may have to cover their eyes — the Seattle Sonics and Storm. My professional stops include, and This summer I’ll be traveling to the Middle Kingdom, where I’ll cover the Olympics for


Born in Seattle, raised on Mercer Island (the Rock!) and an alumnus of the University of Washington, I consider the Emerald City my home despite barely recognizing many of my old haunts. I have a dog, Sadie, who has chewed up my shoes, thrown up multiple times, eaten tennis balls and whined in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. My five-year-old nephew, Dylan, claims he “loves” her. She’s a sweetheart.

Want to know more? My favorite beer is Mac & Jack’s African Amber; I don’t enjoy dim sum (never had and never will have chicken feet); and I think Bill Bavasi is was one terrible GM.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a Wikipedia page yet.