Now it’s officially official. I’ve joined AOL’s as its Page 1 editor. I couldn’t be any more excited. There are a lot things appealing about the job — the fact I have a job is appealing in itself — but the opportunity to shape a major sports site and make it one of the premier destinations for sports journalism really gets my juices flowing.

FanHouse has added a stable of talented and respected journalists and bloggers — while other publications cut back. How could you not be thrilled, ecstatic, exhilarated, electrified, etc., etc., about a company that’s willing to invest and expand in this environment? FH wants to be at the forefront of the new media landscape, and I feel lucky to have a stake and voice in it.

Here’s the press release, which made me blush a little. And a story from MediaPost.

I’m going to get my hands dirty soon, diving into the site and getting to work. I hope you give FanHouse a chance and some of your page views (if you’re a true friend, you’ll make the site your home page). FanHouse — it’s going to be Fan-tastic!