I’m still getting used to ESPN.com’s redesign. It’s definitely taking some time to get used to the new layout and navigation. I’m on record for saying that I like the new look. Some of my friends, however, are not as enthusiastic. Here’s what my friend, right in ESPN’s wheelhouse demographically, had to say in an e-mail last week.

Subject:     you know what I don’t like about new ESPN.com?

When there is BIG, Breaking News…it’s relegated to the top of the “Headlines” section!

What the fuck!!

A-Rod confesses…and i got some dumbass picture of I can’t remember.

Miguel Tejada charged with lying to Congress and I get some big as picture of Kobe Bryant!

What happened to the timely, breaking news puns! Aigh. I hate it.

I know it is kind of old now, but I think you should know, I visit ESPN.com about 1/20 the time I used to. It requires too much time. It’s like it is only geared for people who stare at it for hours on-end.

It’s like having sex with a girl that you think is ugly.

My friend, passionate and eloquent, as always.