New York Magazine has an illuminating feature on the journo-tech wizards at the NY Times. I suggest that anyone who is interested in journalism, the role of the press and the future of information to  read it.

As the industry fumbles its way toward reinvention and relevance, the article points out the challenges — and they are big challenges — ahead. But it also offers hope.

Here’s one quote I found myself nodding my head to:

“Print is just a device. The New York Times is not just a newspaper, it’s a news organization.” For those who believe these changes are gimmicks, he has no patience: “This isn’t a storm! This isn’t something that’s going to pass! It’s the ice age. People aren’t going to suddenly open their eyes and we’re back in print.”

But the real question is: Can a news organization, even one as innovative as, make money and sustain itself in the 21st century?