I’ll be heading over to Albuquerque in the next day or two. My sister and her husband have been kind enough to take care of my dog, Sadie, for the last three months. I can’t thank them enough, especially after Sadie’s naughty behaivor. Here’s a brief rundown:

— She’s chewed up shoes, cloths, anything else she can get her jaws on

— She’s dug up my brother-in-law’s precious garden, even after they installed a fence

— She’s killed birds and other animals and brought them inside the house

— She’s seemed to forget all her potty training

— She barks and cries at night

— She now pulls on the leash

— She is possessed by the devil

So that’s what happens when you leave your dog for three months. It’s back to square one with her. Perhaps if she doesn’t behave, I should tell her that some people in Jixi would be eager to put her on a plate.