Pudong skyline

Hey, sorry again for the lack of updates. I switched hotels a couple days ago. One, to escape the rat (I called him Splinter) that was running around the halls and the assortment of bugs that was crawling on the walls. And two, to get a cheaper — and better — room thanks to my cousin. It’s also in a better location, near the French Concession area. And finally, in the hopes of getting better internet.

I accomplished the first two, but the internet has been real spotty. For some reason the ethernet at both places goes in and out. I have to play with the cord like … well, I won’t make a crude analogy.

Anyway, I’m up and running for now (knock on wood). I’m just checking in as long as the internet works. Upcoming posts that I promise to make: my review of Beijing and the Olympics, my thoughts on Shanghai and my time with my relatives here.

But to the dozen or so people who are still reading this blog: yes, I’m still alive. I haven’t been captured by evil Shanghainese devil women who intend to chop me up and send my body parts to Xinjiang province to sell … yet.