Fresh Tsingdao

Sorry for the lack of updates. The Internet has been spotty ever since I left Beijing on Monday. I’m in Qingdao, home of Tsingtao beer and the site of the Olympic sailing events. Work is done and it’s time to enjoy some R&R.

I met up with my friends Josh and Tye and we were able to explore the city a bit. We checked out the Tsingtao Brewery and Museum (above), had lunch on Beer Street and dinner on one of the restaurant rows in the city. We also jumped into the Yellow Sea. But honestly, we were all so wiped out from our time in Beijing we spent most of our time sleeping in our hotel room.

I’m spending one more day here, hanging out with Yi Song, a translator I worked with in Beijing. He’ll make my life a little easier, since I’ve had to rely on my butchered Pu Dong Hua to get around and translate for Josh and Tye.

Tomorrow, I’m off to Shanghai, the pearl of the orient. Once I sit down and get a couple hours to think, I’ll try to write a post recapping my time in Beijing and my experience covering the Olympics.