After each article for I’ve posted my email and blog address. I believe in open dialogue and transparency. If some one has a problem with what I write, I want to know and respond. The feedback from my articles has been mostly positive. But there are a couple negative comments now and then.

Like this comment from “duh” on my piece about Spain’s basketball team making their eyes more slated in a newspaper advertisement.

you are part of the problem in the u.s. asian community — i wonder if you think you are white. do you not feel any outrage? if this episode had anything to do with the african-americans, i’ll bet the whole thing would’ve erupted with condemnations from al sharpton to david sterns. yet, we have the likes of you writing this pathetic piece that seems to make light of the incident. boy, i can just see you laughing it up with that cook family — laughing at yourself…

First off, I’m not sure “duh” got the point of my article. I was writing about the Chinese reaction over the photo. Not the Chinese American reaction. Big difference. The gesture is something Chinese people have never seen. The goal was to get a variety of opinions from regular Chinese people. Some felt it was offensive when it was explained to them, most didn’t. That’s the point of the article. It’s not brain surgery. Perhaps “duh” should stop projecting and start reading and comprehending.

Also, it’s pretty gutless to make a comment anonymously and bury it in a blog post about my salt shaker moment with Brian Williams. If you’re going to blast me, at least be man (or woman) enough to do it publicly. My email is at the end of the article, so “duh” could have emailed me to start a real conversation. I’m sure — which the reader entered as his email — is not real. Just a guess. I’ve made myself and my work transparent, how about you.

And here’s one email I got the other day.

How about a grammar check?  Are you ESL?  E.nglish as a S.econd L.anguage, if you are then please disregard this email and congrats on learning English well…

But if you aren’t:  “was began” and “still experience” don’t seem to fit.  I’m no English professor, but don’t you have and editor?

Sincerely and not maliciously,

Concerned about Internet Media quality guy…

“Halo” was right. There were some grammar mistakes in one of my articles. I could blame the long hours, the lack of sleep and the thousands of words I’ve typed in the last two weeks.

But would it be wrong for me to answer “Halo” this way?

Dear Halo,

Technically, English is my second language, so thanks for the compliment. Also, I do have an editor, but he is from Tajikistan and ETL: E.nglish as a T.hird L.anguage. So he’s doing the best he can and deserves a congrats just for being able to read English at a third-grade level.

Sincerely and not mockingly,

Not that concerned about Internet Media quality guy…

Yep, I’m a little jaded right now.