Drum Tower

I visited the Drum Tower on Sunday, the scene of a tragic murder the day before. I wrote that it was eerily quiet in my article for msnbc.com.

Some notes that may be of interest that didn’t make it in the article.

— When I asked a volunteer for directions to the Drum Tower, his eyes got big and he said something like, “You know what happened there yesterday?”

— There was a tour group when I first arrived. They were leaving when I entered the square. The attraction was probably scheduled for the group and not a chance for them to gawk. At least I hope not.

— One of the English guys I met quipped rather morbidly, “You go to London for things like that.”

— Another tourist tastelessly said, “To see another attack” when asked why they had come to the Drum Tower. Come on, buddy. Ridiculous.

— I was there at 12:20 p.m., exactly 24 hours after the attack.