About a week and a half ago, the South China Morning Post published a story claiming Beijing authorities  told bar owners in the Sanlitun strip to ban blacks and Mongolians. Local blogs jumped on the weakly-sourced article, and major publications ignored the report.

Beijing Boyce, a local blog on the city’s nightlife, made the SCMP look like amateurs (and fools) by doing some actual reporting: He went to the bars and witnessed blacks drinking and partying.

I also went to Sanlitun last night to check out the scene. A handful of countries have already arrived and a few teams were enjoying libations in Sanlitun. A contingent from Cameroon was sitting on a patio outside one bar, clearly not affected by the ban on blacks.

I think this SCMP story has been debunked, for now. Ultimately, Sanlitun bar owners, many of whom employ  pushers who try to persuade you to enter their bar, could care less if you were white, black, yellow, green or blue. They just want you to buy a bucket of beer.