Yuexiu Park is Guangzhou’s version of Central Park. It’s over 200 acres, enough space for residents to find space to exercise, dance, shadow punch, play Chinese Hacky Sack or just sit and reminisce. Since Chinese workers retire at 55, many of them have a lot of time on their hands.

Parks in China, especially large ones like Yuexiu, serve as community and senior centers, a gathering place for retirees and friends. It costs money (5 RMB) to enter but most people just buy a monthly pass (one update: seniors get in free).

I went there the other morning and witnessed Guangzhou’s dance, dance, revolution. I passed by three different groups of women doing aerobic exercises. The classes are free, led by an instructor, and a woman will hook up with a group once she decides she likes the group and the instructor. I imagine it’s a bit like joining a sorority. I took a video of each class, but this one is my favorite. I love the guy clapping his hands who walks by.

The sights were definitely worth the price of admission.