I’m in Hong Kong, safe and sound in my super cozy room at the Alisan Guest House (recommended by Lonely Planet for the price, not the decor or amenities). It is probably the smallest room I’ve ever stayed in. There’s no window either. I’ll post a photo of the cubbyhole soon.

But a cheap room is a cheap room in Hong Kong. And I’m in Causeway Bay, a hubbub of commerce and shopping. It’s a little ironic because for anybody who knows me well, I hate shopping. With a passion. I actually start sweating and suffer vertigo if I’m in a store or mall for too long. We’ll see how long I’ll last in this neighborhood, or China, for that matter.

The picture above is one I snapped on the way to the supermarket to get some supplies. I was just amused by it. And to put my mom at ease: I wasn’t approached by one shady character or woman of the night during my walk around the neighborhood. Phew.

Anyway, I’m pretty exhausted, didn’t get much sleep on the plane. Hopefully I can get some decent shuteye — despite the vacuum-like sounds that are coming through the walls and ceiling. I’ll be checking in tomorrow after some sightseeing and errands. Good night, y’all.