I passed through the tiny town of Toppenish on my drive from Seattle to Salt Lake over the weekend. Toppenish, which is about 26 miles south of Yakima, boasts about 70 murals throughout its historic downtown (which also pipes in country music). Sadly, I was minutes late for the horse-drawn carriage tour. But I did take the self-guided walking tour, which lasted about 15 minutes (I decided not to see all 70 … forgive me).

As I was leaving in my car, one mural caught my eye. I quickly snapped a photo through the window.

Irish Dick

Why, that’s Irish Dick, a “trapping, hard-drinking shepherd” who had to tame a beer at the local saloon, according to the mural’s description. If you’re a fan of Wes Anderson, you may understand why I did a double take. The mural reminded me of Miguel Calderon’s bizarre and slightly disturbing paintings that were featured in “The Royal Tenenbaums.”

Miguel Calderon

Miguel Calderon, by the way, is a genius. So is Wes Anderson.