Yeah, I know: I’ve written so many introductory blog posts that it’s getting redundant. Especially for the one or two readers who keep coming back — for reasons they only know. It sure wasn’t for the riveting content, the breaking news or insightful commentary. They most likely had a lot of time and brain cells to kill.

How many blogs have I gone through? Well, there was the rudimentary html page I built in college. It was a site for all the hardcore (hardcore = highly inappropriate) haikus I composed and read aloud at high school assemblies. Robert Frost I was not. Then, there were several incarnations of the Sunshine Corner. Blogs that I seldom updated. Blogs that had no purpose, no meaning, other than entertaining one or two friends who had already exhausted all other forms of procrastination at work. There were my faithful readers; they were faithful friends.

Recently, I started Hard Boiled, intending to post every day, intending to attack blogging with a vengeance. Alas, Hard Boiled died a similar death like the others: slow, indistinct, anonymous. 

So why am I launching another blog? Good question. Honestly, I don’t think I have a great answer. This blog could perish like the others.

But like all new endeavors, there is hope. There is enthusiasm, as misplaced and misguided as that may be. There is a desire to stick with it this time. There is a eagerness to finally blog, and blog well (Yeah, I’m laughing at that sentence as well).

So how will this blog be different? I think the fatal flaw of my earlier blogs was that I was trying to impersonate the blogs I loved reading. Deadspin and The Big Lead I was not. They’re in a different league. I’m still in single A, riding Greyhound buses, buying my own chew, settling for groupies in Stockton. Sure, I was posting pictures of hot women or making dick jokes, but those guys were doing it a lot better than I was. Theirs were actually funny.

The mission is write my own blog. Whatever that is. Commentary, diatribes, original reporting, unoriginal reporting — who knows. Be forewarned, however, it still may include pictures of hot women or dick jokes. But it won’t be because I’m trying to imitate anyone. It’ll be because I think it’s interesting or worth noting (which means you may see a lot of hot women and dick jokes … just kidding … sort of). This blog is also going to be different because it won’t be anonymous. No hiding behind an alias or screen name. There is going to be transparency. You know who I am, you know what I’m producing, you know my blogging credo.

For the next several weeks, I’ll be posting about my upcoming trip to China. When I arrive in Hong Kong in early July for my three-month stay in the Middle Kingdom, I hope to keep this blog updated with my travels and experiences.

This whole blogging business is still an experiment for me. And like a lot of other people, I’m still trying to figure it out, still finding my own place in it. If nothing else, starting another blog will piss off Buzz Bissinger even more.